About the Film
About the Film


David Earnhardt

David Earnhardt, Producer/Director/Writer
An Emmy-winning producer/director of 35 years, David has produced a wide range of television and video productions including documentaries, entertainment programs, and educational videos. His work has been recognized with numerous Emmy, Iris and Telly national awards. A national documentary on children’s rights, a biographical documentary about jazz legend Helen Humes, and a comedy special featuring an up-and-coming Jay Leno are among Earnhardt’s many credits.

After seventeen years in television, Earnhardt started a new phase of his career in 1993 with Earnhardt & Co., which has grown to be one of Nashville’s most prestigious production companies. Originally co-founded by David and Patricia Earnhardt in 1993, the company specializes in high quality video presentations for a variety of nonprofit organizations. Longtime creative professional Mac Pirkle joined the firm as a partner in 2002. Earnhardt has produced projects for more than 250 clients and has won more than 60 national awards in its 14-year history. Mac Pirkle and Patricia Earnhardt are executive producers of UNCOUNTED.

David Earnhardt is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, where he majored in film studies. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia – and grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. UNCOUNTED is Earnhardt’s first full-length documentary film.

Glenna Johnson, Co-Producer
Prior to her work in documentary film, Glenna had over 14 years combined experience in sales, management, consulting and training. After five years in consumer pharmaceutical sales with Johnson & Johnson Inc., Glenna transitioned to the home entertainment industry joining Buena Vista Home Entertainment (a division of the Walt Disney Co.) where she served as the Eastern Regional Director of Sales. Glenna was instrumental in developing and launching the DVD platform at retail and an innovative distributor revenue sharing program. She  participated in blockbuster video releases including: Pulp Fiction, Ransom, Life is Beautiful, The Lion King, and Toy Story.


Phil Bell

Phil Bell, Co-Producer
An Emmy-winning journalist of 25 years, Phil’s career in television news has included a variety of assignments as a news anchor, reporter, producer and executive for major network affiliates in Tennessee, Florida, and Illinois. Phil covered many nationally significant stories: the first space shuttle launch; the Cuban refugee flotilla from Mariel Harbor; and Hurricane Hugo. Phil is a National Trustee and National Awards Committee member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) which bestows the Emmy for excellence in television.


Stacie Schwarz

Stacie Schwarz, Editor
After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Cinema and Photography, Stacie Schwarz moved to Nashville in search of a career in film. Editing became her passion as she worked on diverse projects including everything from music videos to commercials. Documentary became her concentration with the Discovery Channel series Hospital leading to several documentary shows for the Discovery Networks including the award winning Joined for Life. Currently, Stacie divides her editing interests between reality shows for the MTV and VH1 networks, such as Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up and The Rock Life, and independent features such as Charlie’s War.


Mac Pirkle

Mac Pirkle, Executive Producer
Mac Pirkle is a 35-year veteran of theatre, film, and video. He founded Tennessee’s largest and most successful regional theatre company, the Tennessee Repertory Theatre (The Rep), producing and directing over 65 major theatre productions. After 25 years in theatre, Mac moved into film & video 7 years ago, bringing the same creative drive and energy into a whole new field. He joined forces with David Earnhardt in 2001 and became a full partner in 2002. His films and videos have been honored with more than a dozen national, regional and local awards.


Patricia Sommers Earnhardt

Patricia Sommers Earnhardt, Executive Producer
As Co-founder and Partner with Earnhardt & Co. Productions, Inc., Patricia produced numerous national award-winning videos for clients like the National Institute for Healthcare Research, United Way, and AOII International. She previously ran Sommers Communications, a video production company she founded soon after graduating from college with a film and television degree.


Mary Mancini

Mary Mancini, Co-Producer
After moving to Nashville from New York in 1991, Mary opened Lucy's Record Shop – a record store and all-ages music venue. It was the engaged and active kids at Lucy's who jump-started her interest in participatory democracy, citizen vigilance, and civil dialogue. In 2004, with the presidential election looming, and armed with the knowledge that the 18 to 24 year old demographic was the least likely to vote, Mary organized a voter registration drive aimed at young and first time voters. It operated throughout the summer and culminated in the "ACT NOW! Lucy's Record Shop Reunion Concert and Voter Registration Extravaganza" at Nashville's Belcourt Theatre. Later that fall she began co-hosting Liberadio(!) with Freddie O'Connell on Vanderbilt University's WRVU-FM. Mary holds a Radio & Television Communications Management degree from Syracuse University's SI Newhouse School of Public Communications and currently serves on the board of Tennessee Citizen Action, a consumer watchdog organization.




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