July 2, 2008

You Want Us to Vote on That Crap!?! Fuggedaboutit.

By Mary Mancini

OK, let’s just say, for arguments sake, that there was no malicious intent behind the myriad of electronic voting machines problems. OK, I know. Stop laughing! I am trying to prove a point here.

Let’s just say the vote flipping problems are caused by “buggy” software created by inept programmers and the malfunctioning printers are because of cheaply made, bottom-line-only conscious hardware manufacturers. Let’s just say that the companies that made these machines won government contracts, took our hard-earned tax dollars, and delivered, in the words of Doug Kellner,Co-Chair of the New York State Board of Elections, “crap.” I’m just saying, let’s just say. So if that’s that case, wouldn’t it be prudent for state governments to decertify these machines, stop using them, and throw the companies, a.k.a. crooks and liars, in the pile of non-responsible vendors they refuse to do business with? I mean, if the machines are crap than how can we rely on their results, right?

OK, you can stop stifling your giggles now.

Good news on that front in at least one state. Rady Ananda, writing for OpEdNews, has a complete rundown of what’s going on in New York and the bi-partisan fight to reject sub-par equipment and save their trusty lever machines:

I received a cache of documents surrounding NY’s electoral system. Some of this material indicates justified resistance to computerized systems that fail to perform as intended, despite being certified. Some exposes deliberate info-suppression, preventing election officials from acting in the best interest of the public. One NY attorney extensively researched NY’s election law history, showing the wisdom and security of prior law. A University of Virginia professor researched lever voting machines and provides a dire warning about new technology with its paper-based audit trail. This lengthy piece synthesizes the material for those interested in New York’s battle to retain election integrity or to implement wholly condemned systems that have failed across the nation.

Take action: Contact your local newspaper or congress people to Save NY’s Levers; Reject Computerized Voting

(Doff o’ the cap: Daily Voting News)

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