July 17, 2008

Have You See This Funny Bone?

By Mary Mancini

In today’s National Journal, John Mercurio writes about the sense of humor gone missing from Obama campaign in light of the recent controversial New Yorker cover. Not seeing what the big whoop is, he apologizes for “weighing in at this late juncture,” writing, “Such are the perils of a weekly column. I promise to try to break new ground.”

And so he does. Unfortunately, it’s really inane ground:

There’s another reason the response could backfire. Obama’s at risk of falling into the same personality straitjacket that, rightly or wrongly, bound Gore and Kerry as humor-challenged, stiff and incapable of self-mockery. Say what you want about hanging chads in Florida or uncounted ballots in Ohio. George W. Bush never would have been president if more voters had believed Gore and Kerry had a sense of humor.

(Go ahead. Read it again. I’ll wait ’cause I know you don’t believe your eyes.)

Truth is, John, George W. Bush never would have been president if more journalists from publications like, say, the National Journal, had done more investigative reporting on the hanging chad (the plural of chad is chad) in Florida and the uncounted ballots in Ohio (Not to mention exit poll discrepancies and widespread instances of voter suppression) instead of controversial cartoons that, while interesting water cooler discussion, mean absolutely nothing for the health of our democracy. Just sayin’…

One Response to “Have You See This Funny Bone?”

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