November 3, 2008

Prepare Yourself

By Mary Mancini

Watch this video posted by Brad Friedman so that when you go to vote tomorrow you will be prepared to face the absolute worst. Seriously, nothing can be as bad as this woman…we hope.

Brad writes:

Since she says in the video we should take care to spell her name right, the woman responsible for running elections in Philadelphia is Marge Tartaglione (D) and, as the video suggests, she’s a horror. And not only for her indefensible statements against the distribution of paper ballots to the effect of “long lines are not a problem…Long lines are no justification for any thing but waiting…people wait in long lines overnight for baseball tickets…people wait in line all night for a new Ipod.” Though I’m not aware of any 80 year olds who do either of those things, or anybody who does that in the middle of a word day, and I’m fairly sure anybody who does do that, does so by their own choice, not because they are forced to do so in hopes of exercising their right to cast a vote.

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