May 2008 Vogue Magazine - By Joan Juliet Buck
People are Talking About...'Uncounted'

05/01/08 The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - By Stan Hall
"Watching 'Uncounted' Oregonian can't help but wonder why Americans don't en masse demand comprehensive election reform."

04/30/08 Salem Monthly (Salem, OR) - By Shawn Estes
"'Uncounted' is a horror movie - not in the Freddy Krueger way, but about how our country's democracy is in jeopardy."

04/17/08 Greensboro News Record (Greensboro, NC) - By Jeri Rowe
Movies offer insight on big issues: national debt, national elections - "'Uncounted'...unveiled a disturbing portrait of our malfunctioning democracy."

04/15/08 Yes! Weekly (Greensboro, NC) - By Ogi Overman
The light is dimming for beacon of democracy - "The film stresses that just because Democrats won the House and Senate in '06 is no reason to presume that the system has been fixed. It hasn't. And until a paper trail is demanded in every precinct in America, it won't be. "

04/15/08 Yes! Weekly (Greensboro, NC) - By Mark Burger
David Earnhardt's Uncounted comes home for screening - " amazingly concise and precise documentary about the many problems facing American voters today"

04/13/08 Times Herald (Philadelphia, PA) - Gordon Glantz, Managing Editor
Does Every Vote Count? - "So you think voting is the sacred right of every American above the age of 18?"

04/10/08 Burlington Times News (Burlington, NC) - Charity Apple
"2004 election subject of film"

03/27/08 The Daily Collegian (University Park, PA) - Mark Maurer
"Film addresses concerns about electronic voting"

02/19/08 Charlottesville News - David Swanson
"Voting on faith: Machines can't be trusted to get elections right"

01/31/08 Nashville Scene - Jim Ridley
"Can the electoral process be scattered, smothered, and hacked? Nashville filmmaker David Earnhardt says yes."

01/28/08 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Nick Coleman
"Every vote counts - unless, of course, it doesn't"

Online interview with filmmaker David Earnhardt

12/09/07 The Tennessean - Todd Carter
" ...a significant portion of the movie dealing with the use of touch-screen voting machines and the absence of any voter-verified paper records should strike a chord with all citizens."

11/07 More Dead Cause of Ohio - New Music Video featuring UNCOUNTED footage Rocks on YouTube
Justice Through Music's newly released music video - a remake of Neil Young's anti-war song, "Ohio", features footage from UNCOUNTED.

03/07/08 Hartford Courant - Election Math Doesn't Add Up - Susan Dunne
02/21/08 MTSU Sidelines - Alex Moorman
01/30/08 KC Community News - Kelli Bamforth
01/16/08 The Oakland Tribune - Josh Richman
01/10/08 Sacramento News & Review - Jonathon Kiefer
01/16/08 City Weekly (Salt Lake City, UT) - Ted McDonough
11/14/07 Reactions Counted at the Sold Out Uncounted Premiere -
11/13/07 Fifty states face voting machine lawsuits; "Uncounted" documents DRE issues - Daily Kos


"Powerful and persuasive..."
Howard Zinn, Author, A People's History of the United States

"'Uncounted' touts several smoking guns pointed directly at its conclusion...alarming, but it's also empowering..."
Joe Scott, Greensboro News Record (Greensboro, NC)

"'Uncounted' is made in the spirit of Michael Moore's veracity to awaken the American public from its slumber on core issues....You may never take the holy voting process seriously again."
Gordon Glantz, Managing Editor, Times Herald (Philadelphia)

"As Americans are inundated with election coverage, its important to remember that the end result of all the campaigning is the vote, and as 'Uncounted' reveals, our votes are far from secure. An informed and energized public can go a long way to improving the accountability of American elections, and 'Uncounted' shows us how, as citizens, we can do our part."
Dan Bloom, Producer Bob Edwards Show

""This [film] is about taking control of the political process and taking responsibility for it."
Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

“Very powerful. Clear and succinct. This film is urgent viewing if you care about democracy and the integrity of the electoral process.”
Robert Koehler, Syndicated Columnist, Tribune Media Services

“A vital and important work…. Uplifting, encouraging, optimistic….”
Brad Friedman, Investigative Journalist,

“UNCOUNTED will blow you out of your comfort zone and call forth your deepest patriotism."
Jonathan Simon, Co-founder, Election Defense Alliance

"...quite the eye-opener..."
Phil Villarreal, Philm Guy, Arizona Daily Star

“If you only see one documentary this year, find a way to see 'UNCOUNTED: The New Math of American Elections.'"
Cole Smithey, Film Critic

"UNCOUNTED succeeds by making a lucid and compelling case that democracy is at risk..."
Mark Karlin, Publisher,

"...demonstrates that this is an issue that transcends partisan lines and touches all of us."
Joan Brunwasser, OpEdNews

“With great precision and emotional force, UNCOUNTED explores the disquiet many American voters feel about the health of their electoral system and explains why they are absolutely right to feel unnerved. But the film also offers a vital hope -- that by banding together and broadcasting their cause, citizens can confront the corruption and lack of transparency at the heart of their democracy and overcome it.”
Andrew Gumbel, Author & Journalist, “Steal This Vote”

“You’ve captured the essence of the new voting rights movement in America.”
Robert Fitrakis, Ph.D., Author & Journalist, “What Happened in Ohio?”

“One of the most important and comprehensive pictures of the threats to our democracy.”
Bernie Ellis, Organizer, National Election Reform Conference

(Interviews with filmmaker David Earnhardt)

05/18/08 VoteRescue Radio with Karen Renick and Vickie Karp 90.1 FM Austin, TX, live online at
Interview with director David Earnhardt

05/14/08 Voice of the Voters hosted by Mary Ann Gould and Lori Rosolowsky on WNJC 1360AM or Live Online
Interview with director David Earnhardt

05/07/08 Jefferson Exchange with Keith Henty Jefferson Public Radio Network, Southern Oregon & Northern California
Interview with director David Earnhardt

05/05/08 Mornings with Carl Wolfson and Thom Hartmann KPOJ 620AM - Portland's Progressive Talk Radio
Interview with director David Earnhardt

05/04/08 Sunday at Noon with Andrew Bartholomew and Claude Offenbacher KLCC 89.7FM - Eugene, OR (NPR)
Interview and call-in with director David Earnhardt

04/28/08 Mike Malloy Nova M Radio Network
Interview with director David Earnhardt

04/15/08 The State of Things WUNC - North Carolina Public Radio
Interview with director David Earnhardt by long-time National Public Radio host, Frank Stasio.

01/11 & 01/12/08 Bob Edwards Show - XM Satellite Radio
01/19 & 01/20/08 Bob Edwards Weekend - NPR
Bob Edwards had a 45-minute conversation with filmmaker David Earnhardt that aired on both his daily satellite radio program and his weekend NPR show.
Clip 1 (MP3 file)
Clip 2 (MP3 file)
Clip 3 (MP3 file)

04/11/08 The Wicker Show 98.7 Greensboro, NC
Interview with director David Earnhardt

03/26/08 The Mike McConnell Show 700 WLW Cincinnati, OH
Interview with director David Earnhardt

03/25/08 What's What With Mike Cole WVKO 1580AM Columbus,OH
Interview with director David Earnhardt

03/20/08 Radio Liberty with Dr. Stanley Monteith Network Radio
Interview with director David Earnhardt

03/12/08 The Jeff Farias Show - 1480 KPHX, Phoenix, AZ/Nova M Radio Network
Interview with director David Earnhardt

03/09/08 The Cutting Edge with Shelly & Anita Drobny - Nova M Radio Network
Interview with director David Earnhardt

03/07/08 Tucson Today! with Nicole Cox - KJLL The Jolt
Interview with director David Earnhardt

03/02/08 Action Point with Cynthia Black - 1480 KPHX, Phoenix, AZ
Interview with director David Earnhardt

02/29/08 Living Room - Interviews and analysis with host Kris Welch - KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley, CA
Interview with director David Earnhardt

02/29/08 The Peter B. Collins Show
Interview with director David Earnhardt

02/28/08 The Randi Rhodes Show with Guest Host Sam Seder
Interview with director David Earnhardt

02/20/08 The People Speak Radio with David Swanson
Swanson: If I were a reporter outside the United States and able to publish the story, I'd watch this film and report on the complete breakdown of credible democratic elections in the U.S.A.

02/04/08 News Channel 5
Coverage of Belcourt Theatre screening on the eve of the Nashville primaries

02/03/08 This Week with Bob Mueller, News 2 WKRN - Nashville
Note that the interview with David Earnhardt is approximately 9 minutes into the show and lasts approximately 5 minutes

02/13/08 Democracy for America Movie Night Conference Call with DFA Chair Jim Dean and David Earnhardt
Heard by participants at 200+ house parties in 42 states
Note that the Q&A with David begins approximately 9 minutes into the clip.

01/26/08 KCBS Radio San Francisco (All-News AM Radio) 5-minute news segment; interviewed by anchor Jane McMillan
01/15/08 From the Left Coast, hosted by Peter B. Collins (go about 5 minutes in)
11/16/07 From the Left Coast, hosted by Peter B. Collins
01/26/08 Interviewed by Al Huey KWDJ Radio (FoxTalk Radio)
01/29/08The Mark Heaney Show 950 AM Air America Minneapolis
01/29/08 Interviewed by Maeve Conrad KGNU Radio (Denver/Boulder) - (segment starts at 55:44)
02/04/08 Liberadio(!) with Mary Mancini & Freddie O'Connell WRVU 91.1FM Nashville
01/07/08 Meria Heller Show This is an Internet-based podcast. Login required to listen.
01/15/08 Insight, hosted by Jeffrey Callison, Capital Public Radio, Sacramento, CA
12/03/07 Interviewed by Julie Rose KCPW Salt Lake City
12/11/07 The Jon Elliot Show - Air America Radio
12/11/07 Voice of the Voters with host Mary Ann Gould 1360 AM Philadelphia
11/27/07 Fox 17 News Nashville News feature promoting the movie; aired on evening and late newscasts
11/25/07 Monitor Interviewed by co-host Pokey Anderson
11/12/07 Liberadio(!) with Mary Mancini & Freddie O'Connell WRVU 91.1FM Nashville
11/05/07 NewsChannel 5 (CBS) Morning Line - Nashville
Filmmaker David Earnhardt appeared as a guest for this hour-long talk show



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